Dec 20, 2019

How to Report Phishing Scams to PayPal | Techwalla Phishing scams include the distribution of phishing emails that direct readers to a fake PayPal website where they are asked to type their usernames, passwords and sometimes even their credit card details. After receiving these credentials, the attacker can access the … PayPal users should beware of new phishing scam Jan 28, 2020 'Your Account Has Been Limited' PayPal Phishing Scam Apr 30, 2020 PayPal Phishing Scams - See An Example Here

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Scam alert: Don't fall for the dangerous 'Fake PayPal Jun 22, 2020 What is “Your Account Paypal has been limited” scam

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May 04, 2020 Solved: Phishing - PayPal Community Re: Phishing @Hallaura There are no clearance fees and paypal would certainly not ask you to send vouchers or tokens from another company to resolve any issues with a paypal account, the emails you are receiving are fake and not from paypal and they are from scammers.