How to set the data directory context. The default location for the data directory is /var/lib/mysql/, the SELinux context used is mysqld_db_t.If you edit the configuration file to use a different location for the data directory, or any of the files normally in the data directory (e.g. the binary logs) you may need to set the context for the new location using

5.2. Which Log File is Used Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Which Log File is Used In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the dbus and audit packages are installed by default, unless they are removed from the default package selection. The setroubleshoot-server must be installed via Yum (the yum install setroubleshoot command). System Logs and SELinux – Mitesh Shah /var/log/secure This Logfile Contains The Security Related Messages & Errors, Such As Login, Tcp_Wrappers & Xinetd. Readable By root Only. /var/log/audit/audit.log This Logfile Contains The Audited Messages From The Kernel Including SELinux Related Messages. Use ausearch & aureport To View This Log file. Examples: [SOLVED] SElinux log file location

Although it is better to label the files and folders with the httpd_sys_rw_content_t where needed, for completeness I figured I'd mention that you can also change the seboolean httpd_unified to 1 to make SELinux ignore this particular context requirement, which is still much better than disabling SELinux as many on the internet would advise.. From the man page:

What is SELinux? - Red Hat The file will have a section that shows you whether SELinux is in permissive mode, enforcing mode, or disabled, and which policy is supposed to be loaded. SELinux labeling and type enforcement Type enforcement and labeling are the most important concepts for SELinux. Getting Started with SELinux - Explanation of log file

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posts/) SELinux. Audit Logs with SELinux Messags I’m post configuring a new RHEL 8 setup on my old PC and want to share some useful SELinux troubleshooting techniques. How To Check Audit Logs for SELinux. I had a problem with SSH not accepting keys for login. Procedure When your scenario is blocked by SELinux, the /var/log/audit/audit.log file is the first place to check for more information about a denial. To query Audit logs, use the ausearch tool. SELinux logging The most important feature of SELinux, and one you should start learning by heart, is that it is able to log everything. And with everything, I mean everything.