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The Linux man pages show you this description for the command: route - show / manipulate the IP routing table But the OS X man page will only show this in the description: route -- manually manipulate the routing tables The missing word “show” gives the hint that the route command will not show us the routes as we are used to from Linux. How to configure IPv6 on Windows and Linux - Enupal Press the Windows + R key to open the Execute dialog box. We write cmd, followed by Enter to open a DOS window. In the command prompt window, type netsh, and then press ENTER. Type ipv6 interface, and then press ENTER. Enter show routes to obtain the route prefix and the index of the interface by which the route prefix addresses can be reached. Show ip route command - Cisco & Cisco Network Hardware Description: Use the show ip route command with no arguments to display all IP routes. Use the show ip route command with the address argument to display routes to a specific IP address.. Use the show ip route command with the mask argument to display routes with a specific network mask.. Use the show ip route command with the bgp, isis, ospf keyword to display summary information about all Routing — Route Troubleshooting | pfSense Documentation

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Type route print to verify that the new default route appears in the routing table. Close the command prompt. Method 2: Restart the Remote Access Service Restart the remote access service. The default route for the re-added network interface is added to the Windows routing table. To do so: Start the Routing and Remote Access utility. Adding a static route to your Windows routing table is pretty easy. Just use an elevated command prompt (Run as administrator-where needed) and type the following example: route -p add metric 3 if 2 The “-p” argument is important if you want your route to be here when you reboot (persistent).

Solved: hi all, i have a question regarding the output of the "show ip route" command: C is directly connected, Ethernet0 is subnetted, 1 subnets S is directly connected, Ethernet0

Today I will show you how to add persistent static route in windows environment. Just like linux and unix environment, route command can be used to add static routes in Windows pc or windows server. There is a different between static route and persistent static route. Static route configuration will be erased after you reboot the machine. netsh interface ipv4 show route - Windows Vista - command / Windows Vista netsh, interface, ipv4, show, route, cmd, command, Windows, Vista: Quick - Link: netsh advfirewall consec help Displays a list of commands. netsh nap client rename trustedservergroup Renames trusted server group configuration. netsh http show urlacl Displays URL namespace reservations. netsh p2p pnrp peer enumerate Maps---------alternate routes - Microsoft® Community