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Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Standard Edition Product Details Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Standard Edition Unified Workspace Licensing is an easy, and affordable program for procurement of a broad range of Cisco Unified Communications applications and services that help organizations maximize the potential of unified communications. A Cisco device is like a house with a room which is locked while a Cisco license may be like a key of the room. It means that the key can open the locked room to get more services. offers a variety of Cisco licenses to upgrade Cisco devices including routers, switches, firewalls, IP phones, etc. With Cisco Smart Licensing, you can now manage all your licenses through a cloud-based portal known as Cisco Smart Software Manager. Within Smart Software Manager, sub-accounts (virtual accounts) can be created that enable access control for license usage throughout different departments, locations, or areas within your company. Will Cisco DNA Spaces Act and See be orderable a la carte, meaning unbundled from Cisco DNA Wireless licensing? Yes, both packages of Cisco DNA Spaces can be purchased separately. If I want Operational Insights and I buy a Cisco DNA Spaces Act license (by the access point), how many devices (tags) am I allowed to track under that one AP license?

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May 12, 2020

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Smart Software Licensing Overview - Cisco Cisco Smart Software Licensing simplifies purchasing, deploying, and managing entitlements across the enterprise. Cisco Unified Communications Licensing - Cisco Cisco User Connect Licensing (UCL) provides per-user based licensing for individual Cisco Unified Communications applications, including the applications server software, user licensing, and a soft client. User Connect Licensing is available in Essential, Basic, Enhanced, and Enhanced Plus versions.