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Exceed Technologies Exceed Technologies is the only complete technology provider in the region. Our customers know they are getting the best comprehensive services and they are getting them tailor-made for the own business needs. Our technicians are here to help with a collective 193 years of technical support experience. After trying Gen 5, I'm Going Back To Exede - HughesNet After my first day of Hughes, I've been on the phone with tech support for over 3 hours. They sold me Gen 5 but on the Echostar-17 sat which has download speeds of 0.28 Mbps. What a fraud! I'm going back to Exede! Shame on you HughesNet! Exede Congestion | Viasat Internet Community Continuation of a problem that was originally posted Mar 15, 2016. (But started much earlier)Exede internet speeds continue to under perform.I have jumped through all of Exede's hoops and am worse off now then when I started.I used to get 1.5 M down in the evening and can now achieve 1.05 M down during the evening hours after 1 month of customer/technical support.This is after allowing Exede

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SEI Exede Jan 13, 2012

I am extremely frustrated with the speeds at HughesNet. I was originally with Exede and broke contract with them to come over here. At the time I was getting 18mbps download and 18gb data with Exede but needed something closer to 25mbs speed for work. I am a field-based employee and have to have fas

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