Also, in the browser, you can tap the search bar on the google homepage and when it pulls up your prior searches, theres a little "history" link on the right. If you tap that, theres a menu that pulls down that will clear your search history there.

Keeping your search history private when a friend borrows your phone can be difficult. Follow these steps to clear out saved searches on your Google account and adjust settings for future searches. Clear Your Search History for On-device Searches in Aug 24, 2019 How to Find and Delete Your Search History Chrome. If you find part of your Chrome search history that you want to keep but decide that there's … Delete History on Phone (Chrome Browsing History, Cookies Then install the MobileGo connector app on your device as prompted, having the program recognize your phone. Step 2. When the program successfully detects your phone, all of your phone data will be scanned out. Simply click "Erase All Data" option and confirm it to permanently delete all …

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How do I clear my search history on my iPhone and protect

Sep 01, 2016

history in Edge (For Android Users) Disclaimer: will not be held responsible for any abuse by the user of our free delete browsing history site. Bing - Search History