Nowadays HTTPS can run above either TCP or UDP. The new "QUIC" protocol aims to replace multiple TCP connections with one multiplexed UDP connection, and hence can handle SSL and HTTPS: HTTPS → SSL → QUIC flow → UDP → IP. QUIC was originally developped in 2012 by Google and is undergoing IETF review. For more details, see Wikipedia.

SSHUDP is a site to free create account SSH Tunnel secured shell, VPN Gratis and fast server OpenVPN, Config TCP, UDP also you can create best premium account SSH, OpenVPN and PPTP for … SSH Port Forwarding for TCP and UDP Packets - Stack Pointer Aug 31, 2014 Free Premium SSH UDP Account Badvpn -

[code ]ssh[/code] has support for setting up a “tunnel device” (a virtual network interface) at both ends of the connection with the [code ]-w[/code] option. It basically creates a VPN connection that is up for the duration of the SSH connection.

So, SSH needs port 22/tcp. You're asking if opening 22/tcp and 22/udp presents a security vulnerability. The answer is "no" if nothing is listening to 22/udp. If some other application is listening to 22/udp, an application which you wouldn't want open to other hosts, then it could. There are such combinations (syslog and rsh share 514, for 5 Linux SSH Security Best Practices To Secure Your Systems Sep 24, 2019 Online TCP UDP port finder -

SSH Block. Port 22: SSH TCP/UDP ( Effective May 30, 2017) Blocked: Inbound. Due to security vulnerabilities, incoming connections are only permitted through approved entry points such as the campus VPN and by special exemption. SSH Port 22 is allowed from UI-SYSTEM addresses for all firewall policy groups which previously allowed SSH from

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